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The “Connected” Workforce: Creating Efficient, Productive Employees at Every Level

by | Mar 20, 2017


VISION 2017 was about technology that engages and empowers people, enabling them to work smarter, more efficiently. The result: More “great” quarters.

The young lady to my left sniffled. She was quietly crying to herself.

My eyes welled, too. I pinched the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger, pursed my lips and looked down.

We, along with hundreds of other VISION attendees, were watching Erik Wahl create art alongside a moving tribute video about American soldiers returning home from overseas.

In that moment, an entire room full of HR, Payroll, IT and Operations pros were emotional, together, connected

VISION 2017 Connected

VISION is WorkForce Software’s annual conference.

This year, it was held in New Orleans at the Intercontinental Hotel, where Erik Wahl, renowned painter and speaker, gave his guest keynote to a captivated crowd that rose to its feet and applauded when he said, “thank you, everyone, it’s been a pleasure being here with you.”

Erik talked about self-discovery and growth and creativity. He also talked about personal and professional enablement: About changes that can help us all succeed and, eventually, excel at home and at work…

How can you enable this personal and professional transformation?

You can shift your perspective, change your point of view.

In fact, altering our perspective is something we should all get used to because, thanks to tech, the world will forever extrapolate its rate of change, evolving faster and faster as technology develops, disrupting the way we communicate, the way we consume information and, of course, the way we work.

At WorkForce, we think about this fact a lot, every day. We think about the changing global business landscape, about current, relevant trends like “The Glassdoor Effect” and “The Contingent Workforce.”

We think about what that means for our customers, and for the 2 million users they enable.

And that makes us think about our own contribution to the way people work around the world: A concept we call the “Connected” workforce.

A “Connected” workforce is one where technology enables employees at every level to operate at peak efficiency, which, in turn, drives business success.

WorkForce’s solution—the technology we create—delivers that enablement up and down the org chart, making work easy for every person within every tier of an organization, including:

  1. EMPLOYEES, who are provided with technology that enables them to have more freedom and flexibility to make better work decisions for themselves and their families.

    The benefit: Happier husbands and wives; happier fathers and mothers; happier people, generally. And when people are glad about life, that energy bleeds into their work in a productive way.

  2. MANAGERS, who are provided with technology that enables them to optimize their time, their schedules, and the development of their people.

    The benefit: Managers who spend less time in the back office—creating schedules manually with Excel, for instance—will have more time to work the floor, to train their people; to actually be managers.

  3. The BUSINESS, which is provided with technology that enables real-time workforce insights.

    The benefit: Leaders that consistently receive accurate data, ultimately, make better executive decisions for the business.

A “Connected” workforce is just that: Connected.

Connected by technology, of course, but also by what’s at the heart of every HR role, every Payroll position: People.

People who can now work better individually as well as together. People who are enabled to communicate clearly and directly with colleagues and managers. People who have more control over their time and environment and paycheck; over their life both at work and at home.

Those people are connected—and WorkForce Software is honored to make it a reality for literally millions of individuals around the globe.

If we saw you at VISION…

Thank you.

You made VISION possible. We valued you being there—and we’ll miss all this:

VISION 2017 General Session
VISION 2017 Parade
VISION 2017 Parade
Latrobe's on Royal

If we missed you this year…

Let’s connect—we’ll be back next year!

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