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The Deskless Worker Takes Center Stage at VISION 2022 – The Experience Conference

Apr 28, 2022

Survey Results: How Businesses Are Addressing Negative Employee Experience

After two years of hosting virtually, the WorkForce Software team and our extended community of partners, customers, and industry thought leaders came together to participate in VISION 2022: The Experience Conference. The customers participating in VISION 2022 represented approximately 1.9 million employees in the global workforce. The energy of our in-person attendees was palpable, especially after so much time apart. And those who participated virtually reminded us of the incredible way technology can engage and inspire an audience, no matter where its members are in the world.

Great challenges can forge incredible innovations. The past years’ events have brought new focus on the value of and fundamental need for improved employee experience and on the importance of taking action on what matters most to employees—such as increased flexibility and feeling valued. In light of the dramatic gap between how employers and employees rate the employee experience at work, new technology and resources have emerged to support employee well-being through engagement, real-time insights, and commercial-grade user experience.

Throughout the uncertainty and complexities of the global pandemic, the 2.7 billion deskless shift workers who make up 80% of the workforce continued to show up for work—out in the field, on the assembly line, behind the wheel, in the store, in the schoolroom, and in the hospital—to ensure our world continued to turn. As we look toward the future of work, we must continue to find ways to prioritize the needs of these essential workers.

WorkForce Software is passionate about bringing continuous innovation to our customers and their teams. In a time of ever-evolving customer preferences, market dynamics, labor demographics, regulatory requirements, and supply chain disruptions, modern workforce management has emerged as the single greatest enabler for tapping into the power of your people.

At its heart, modern workforce management focuses on optimizing business performance through practices and systems capable of supporting employees while making them feel valued and respected. Bridging the gap between desired business outcomes and employee expectations, modern workforce management provides customer-grade tools to support employees’ successes on the job—no matter where and when work happens. Looking at the big picture, happy and satisfied employees drive more innovative, agile, profitable, and connected outcomes for businesses and their customers.

“By 2025, 80% of large enterprises with hourly-paid workers will have invested in workforce management solutions to support employee experience and/or digital workplace initiatives.”

Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications

At WorkForce Software, we have seen a significant increase in the number of organizations working to reimagine the future of work in meaningful ways, using data, analytics, and technology. We are helping some of the world’s largest employers:

  • Become an employer of choice for the next generation of workers
  • Improve operational performance
  • Support compliance in more geographies
  • Adapt and respond to ever-increasing change

Organizations such as:

Autoliv, who implemented the WorkForce Suite’s time and attendance capabilities, has seen immediate time savings in their processes, including a 75% improvement in timekeeping and pay administration and 64% in time-off accrual management.

Converse, which adopted WorkForce Experience, has seen a significant uptick in response times with international partners, better brand compliance, and increased productivity without additional headcount.

We’ve also seen tremendous growth in our partnerships. Today, WorkForce Software has over 520 certified partner resources helping organizations with their digital transformation journey by leveraging WFS solutions. We are now the workforce solution for the leading global HCM solution providers, including SAP, Oracle, and Workday. This establishes WorkForce Software as the go-to software for international employers with diverse workforce requirements. Our customers’ expanding adoption of these solutions, supported by our partner ecosystem, demonstrates our commitment to what’s possible for the future of work.

WorkForce Software is a pioneer in our industry as the only global provider of workforce management solutions with integrated employee communications. As we work with customers who have large deskless or shift-worker populations with unique needs, we strengthen our knowledge and expertise. We’ve made an investment in smart communications that are designed to leverage data, advanced analytics, and automation in real time to create personalized experiences in the flow of work and support your ability to adapt and communicate quickly—with the ease of use of a favorite personal app.

VISION 2022: The Experience Conference was an opportunity to spend time together, find ways to remove constraints in the employer–employee relationship, and take steps toward the future. Our goal at WorkForce Software is to provide you with the best modern workforce management solutions for your teams, both now and as your needs evolve in the future. As we look back at this incredible time, we hope that attendees will continue to be change agents for their organizations, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and fresh ideas for progressing their organization’s journey.

Never before have global leaders faced such workforce complexities and opportunities. We are committed to facing them with you and creating the workplaces of the future.

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