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Smart, Strategic, and Employee-Centric: The Next Generation of HR Technology

The world of work is changing fast, and so too are employee expectations. Workers are looking to their employers (and potential employers) to provide the technology needed for them to be trained and perform their roles efficiently. Modern workforce management technologies are helping organizations step to the plate and deliver the tools their associates desperately need.

These workforce management programs have been shown to be extremely beneficial to companies that implement them. This white paper by CIPD group member People Management Insight (PMI) , “Smart, Strategic, and Employee-Centric: The Next Generation of HR Technology” has laid out in detail the positive impact on business performance, employee experience, and HR intelligence.

PMI’s Smart, Strategic, and Employee Centric: The Next Generation of HR Technology

This white paper discusses the current trends and benefits of workforce management technology being more widely implemented by businesses and HR professionals.

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Read how digital transformation is empowering professionals and revolutionizing the workplace in three key areas: business performance, employee experience and HR intelligence.


Workforce management technology has been shown to improve the standard operating procedures and daily tasks of organizations through automation. By removing many of these mundane routine tasks from your team’s plate, they can focus on more strategic goals.


Make the most of technology by establishing a better communication system with your workers. In this modern world where we’re all tethered to the important aspects of our lives via phones and personal devices, incorporating your organization into the same digital office keeps everyone in contact and on the same page.


With digital storage and AI analytics, businesses can gather valuable data on their workforce’s schedules, productivity, and efficiency, and address issues long before they become a detriment to your organization.

Digital transformation is being used to enhance, not replace, human connections at work to positively impact every organization’s bottom line. Businesses that wish to compete must remain in pace with the technological advancements already being implemented by their rivals.

Read the full PMI report, “Smart, Strategic, and Employee-Centric: The Next Generation of HR Technology”, to get the hard data and findings on how workforce management programs can bring your organization to the next level.

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