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VISION 2022: The Experience Conference Day Two Recap

Apr 7, 2022

Survey Results: How Businesses Are Addressing Negative Employee Experience

After a successful first day, VISION 2022 participants gathered for a new line-up of sessions featuring a diverse array of WorkForce Software experts, partners, and customer speakers. It was a day buzzing with activity, leaving attendees excited for what’s to come at VISION 2023.

Here’s a look into what we learned on day two of VISION 2022: The Experience Conference.

The Future of Work and Employee Experience

Charting the course for the future of work begins with understanding the obstacles and needs of today’s employees. Karen Stevens, Managing Director of Career Mobility and Experience at Accenture, knows this firsthand. Closing the last day of VISION 2022, Karen shared how Accenture uses lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to imagine innovative ways of working and open new doors for the modern workforce. Gathering data and input from external sources, business leaders, and their employees, Accenture formed a comprehensive view of what motivates employees to stay and build their careers with their organizations. Accenture discovered that hybrid work environments delivered more flexibility to their employees while providing new ways for their business to engage, reach goals, and build greater meaning in the workplace. These results led Accenture to introduce its omni-connected experience model. More than simply remote, hybrid, or in-office work, this model aims to create new ways to connect with clients and develop a sense of belonging for employees through empathetic and receptive leadership.

Key Moments from VISION 2022

WorkForce Software’s Mike Morini, CEO, Sandra Moran, CMO, and Joe Ross, CPO, came together to reflect on the memorable highlights of VISION 2022. With two days packed with sessions on sustaining workforce agility, improving employee experience, leveraging insights, and simplifying compliance, VISION 2022 shined a light on new ways to generate moments of connection and belonging for today’s employees with modern workforce management solutions. While the end of VISION 2022 was bittersweet, the closing session ended on a high with the announcement of where we will be meeting in VISION 2023 – Nashville, Tennessee!

Healthcare Perspective: How Minnesota Veteran’s Home Makes Use of WorkForce Scheduling and Timekeeping

Within the healthcare environment, staffing is one of the most critical aspects of operations. The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs joined the VISION mainstage experience to share the strategy that led them to select WorkForce Software as their best-of-breed workforce management solution. Two-years post-implementation, speakers Raynell Duncan and Anne Stegenga shared their experience and best practices while looking ahead to expanding their network of facilities and improving user experience

Drivers of Change: How Workplace Culture, Processes, and Tools Fuel Business and Workforce Transformation

Technology plays an essential role in modern workforce management. Still, it’s impossible to drive workforce agility, productivity, optimization, and employee experience without the support of your company culture and processes.

Dani Bernhard, Group Operations, Director, Product Area Lead Employee Lifecycle Services (ELS) at Swiss Re discussed how shifts in culture inspired his organization to utilize workforce management technology to achieve business and workforce transformation.

Transitioning from a Legacy System to WorkForce: Key Learnings from Phillips 66

Transitioning from a legacy HR system to a modern workforce management platform like the WorkForce Suite is a complex but rewarding journey that involves the entire organization.

Drawing from his implementation experience, Rusty Gott, Supervisor, Time & Absence Management at Phillips 66 led an interactive discussion on key learnings, struggles, and wins that can help other organizations facilitate a successful transition.

Embrace the Cloud You Can Trust with WorkForce Software and Oracle

Migrating WorkForce Software onto the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a game changer. Powered by Oracle Cloud, WorkForce Software customers can anticipate performance improvements of 30% or more compared to using traditional colocation facilities. Jon Lamarre, ISV Ecosystem Cloud Specialist at Oracle, and Molly Gapp, SVP, Continuous Services at WorkForce Software discussed how this powerful partnership benefits WorkForce Software customers today and into the future.

Where Are You in Your Workforce Management Journey?

Recent research from Gartner shows that both shift-based and salaried workplaces have much to gain from more robust workforce management solutions. These tools have proven ideal for meeting the needs of workforce management, ensuring compliance, and remaining up to date with new legislation. George Denninghoff, VP of Sales and Marketing, HRStrategies, explained how organizations can adequately determine their place in the workforce management journey and the tools they need to move forward in optimizing their workforce.

The Compliance Advantage: Ensuring Universal Compliance with the WorkForce Suite

WorkForce Software’s Adam Lumley, Director, Product Management, and Dan Hadley, Director, North American Solution Consulting highlighted the WorkForce Suite’s broad set of capabilities to ensure organizations maintain compliance while meeting business goals and supporting employee needs.

Strategies and Best Practices for Optimizing Your Workforce

Optimizing your workforce to ensure success for your organization and employees is no easy task. John Jackovich, Technical Analyst, Donnelley Financial Solutions, detailed his organization’s journey to workforce optimization and the tips they learned along the way.

Automate and Accelerate with Digital Solutions

In today’s changing digital economy, modern workforce management solutions such as the WorkForce Suite equip companies with the right tools and processes to solve complex challenges with greater insight and agility. Ted Morrison, Applications Analyst, Hornbeck Offshore, shared how his company utilized WorkForce Software to drive efficiency, cost savings, and productivity.

Implementation Best Practices for a Full Suite Solution

According to Gartner research, 90% of HR leaders plan to invest in HR technology despite anticipated budget cuts. HR Strategies Consulting’s George Denninghoff and Tom Zdolec discussed the concept and benefits of the full suite human resources solution and gave tips on best practices for a smooth implementation based on actual client experiences. This session included an interactive question and answer period with the audience, allowing organizations to draw on HR Strategies Consulting’s previous experiences and how to apply insight to their use cases.

Supporting Modern Workforce Management and Transformation with Modern Workforce Technology

Modern workforce challenges require modern solutions. WorkForce Software customer, Eastern Municipal Water District, shared their experience in leveraging the WorkForce Suite to improve employee experience and workforce agility, productivity, and optimization.

Visit our Resources Center for more valuable insights on the modern workforce and smart communications with WorkForce Software.

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