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VISION 2022: The Experience Conference Day One Recap

Apr 6, 2022

Survey Results: How Businesses Are Addressing Negative Employee Experience

The highly anticipated VISION 2022: The Experience Conference brought together a community of some of world’s largest employers, most experienced system integrators, leading HCM thought leaders, and our dedicated team, both virtually and in-person. Here, we are charting the course for the future of work and tackling the greatest challenges facing the modern workforce.

Kicking off with a special welcome reception the night before, the first day of VISION 2022 was jam packed with the knowledge, insights, and tools that are helping today’s organizations improve their employee experience and stand out as an employer of choice. Here are a few highlights:

Opening Message and Welcome

VISION 2022: The Experience Conference is about more than how today’s organizations imagine the future of work. It’s about the action organizations can take to make a more engaged, productive, and efficient workforce a reality. In his opening address, Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, inspired the virtual and in-person audience to be “the CEO of their own roles” and create meaningful momentum in their organizations with the tools, insights, and memorable interactions they experience over the next two days.

This year, VISION 2022 attendees represent more than 1.9 million workers in the global workforce, many of them deskless shift workers. Highlighting customer success stories, including Converse and Autoliv, Mike demonstrated how to leverage technology to tap into the power of people to make a positive impact on employee experience, drive business results and stand out as an employer of choice.

Keynote Speech

VISION 2022 Keynote Speaker Jacob Morgan believes that while the past few years challenged organizations with unprecedented complexities, they opened doors to new opportunities to revolutionize how we define work. A best-selling author, TED and keynote speaker, futurist, and creator of, Jacob highlighted the importance of investing in employee experience, including the significant ROIs that benefit both business and employee objectives. Improving employee experience is more than just offering free bagels in the breakroom and yoga. It involves shifts in the physical, technological, and cultural spaces to create lasting moments that matter to ensure employees feel valued and respected.

Drawing from comprehensive research, personal experience, and years of expertise, Jacob empowered audience members with the steps to make lasting impressions on employees throughout their employment journey and attract top talent.

Panel Discussion

To wrap up the opening session, leaders from Oracle, Talkdesk, Five Below, and WorkForce Software engaged in a panel discussion led by Mike Morini on how to support organizations through the digital transformation journey. Matt Gale, VP of HCM Alliances, Oracle, highlighted the importance of investing in a trusted platform and supporting workforce management solutions with experts, trusted partners, and alignment across the organization. When asked his perspective on engaging employees, Dave Sanborn, Senior Director of Operations, Five Below, shared how WorkForce Experience transformed operations and made it easy to make meaningful connections with their workforce. Laura Butler, Chief Human Resources Officer of Talkdesk, detailed steps for managing change with ease.

Giving Your Workforce a Voice: Providing a Breakthrough Employee Experience with Smart Communications

Marc Gingras, SVP, Employee Experience Strategy, has spent his career at the forefront of innovations helping companies connect and communicate with their employees. He brought his years of expertise to his session, discussing how to bridge the gap between business and employee needs through smart communications. Marc provided the attendees with the knowledge and tools to keep employees engaged by sharing research and future-ready innovations.

Redefining Workforce Management: Unlocking New Productivity Gains with WorkForce Performance Task Management

Modern workforce management aims to revolutionize task management from a top-down approach to a two-way communication and operational insights system. Marc Gingras introduced session attendees to WorkForce Task Management and its features, designed to improve operational efficiencies.

Boehringer Ingelheim’s Keys to Successful Implementation

Sandra Mathew, Senior Principal Business Analyst at Boehringer Ingelheim knows that implementing software amid complex requirements is no easy task. A seasoned implementation expert, Sandra joined WorkForce’s Torsten Behrens, Director of Services, to share tips, tricks, and best practices for a successful implementation.

Tactics for Navigating Today’s Labor Challenges

Today, employers face the complex challenge of hiring and retaining associates while combating rapidly increasing wage rates. In this session, Chris Kelly, Vice President of Connors Group, shared the best tools and strategies for mitigating this labor-management crisis.

Sparking More Lightbulb Moments: Powering New Insights with WorkForce Intelligence

Kathy Gawronski, Director, Customer Value Program, and Dan Hadley, Director, North America Solution Consulting discussed how organizations can unlock the power of real-time data by leveraging WorkForce Intelligence to measure and manage key performance indicators.

Embracing Change: Changing the Paradigm of Labor Scheduling & Forecasting

James Love, Director, Product Operations, shared how employers can utilize employee scheduling to drive the new wave of business agility and productivity. Session attendees learned how to gain a competitive edge with the next generation of customizable and adaptable scheduling tools.

Making it Easy: Ensuring Employee Success with Proper Tools, Training, and Support

Employee scheduling is the key to unlocking the next wave of business agility and productivity for many employers. WorkForce Software’s James Love shared how the next generation of scheduling tools offers organizations a competitive edge with best practices, scheduling customizable and adaptable to the needs of diverse employee groups, and optimized allocation of labor to meet business needs.

All Hands In: Delivering a Successful Partner Implementation of WorkForce Software

To make the implementation process as seamless and pain free as possible, WorkForce Software partners with a highly skilled network of System Integrators to deliver quality solutions to our customers. WorkForce Software partner, AspireHR, offered firsthand experience in leveraging our enablement services for a successful implementation. The session included insights into our joint delivery model and how every step of the implementation journey is backed with world-class support.

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