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“Employees now have confidence in their managers and in their pay knowing they have more visibility of their rosters and timesheets and their leave — it’s all centralised.”

Rachel Storer

Business Support and Improvement Manager

Red Badge Supports Loyal Employees and Reduces Wage Costs by 8%

Red Badge is on a mission to redefine security. Founded in 1997 and proudly New Zealand owned, the company has expanded country-wide with a team of experienced and trusted professionals delivering top-notch service.

The Challenge

Red Badge’s complicated rostering processes, involving whiteboards, spreadsheets and phone trees, created significant roadblocks for the company’s growth potential. These disjointed communication and information channels strained employee experiences and overwhelmed managers.

The Solution

Red Badge adopted Emplive in 2018 to make it easier for managers to oversee diverse employee groups working at large events or in multiple locations. The newly streamlined and automated rostering processes ensured that every event was covered by the right people at the right time, promoting trust between Red Badge and its employees and clients.

The Outcomes

Improved Employee Experience
Employees now access their rosters, leave applications, availability and event information from anywhere at any time using the EmpLive mobile app. The ease of access to a centralised database has strengthened employees’ engagement and confidence, resulting in higher retention. In 2021, employees sent an average of two SMS and 24 push notifications versus 27 SMS and three push notifications in 2019.

Satisfied Clients
EmpLive’s powerful rules engine allows Red Badge to roster the right staff for the right events based on their experience, training, availability and qualifications. Clients can be confident that their events are staffed with trained and prepared professionals who can mitigate issues if they arise.

Reduced Wage Costs
EmpLive’s rostering and timekeeping automation reduced wage costs by 8%, with no headcount reductions. These cost-saving and time efficiencies allowed Red Badge to be less reactive and more focused on strategic business goals. These cost savings enabled the company to add 20 new positions to their staff, centred on people and culture.

Streamlined Management
Before implementation, Red Badge required managers to be at physical event locations to account for their staff. Now, managers can pull from data-based reports, geo-location tracking and mobile app interactions to gain a complete view of their employee’s activities, making it easier to manage large or multiple projects at once.


Learn how EmpLive makes it easy to manage diverse and multisite workforces with confidence.

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