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The Tile Shop
The Tile Shop

Since we started using WorkForce Experience, attending to merchandising standards and corporate directives has become much simpler and clearer to understand.

Rachel Buffa

Store Manager at The Tile Shop

The Tile Shop Revamps Their Merchandising and Internal Communication Process with WorkForce Experience

Since 1985, The Tile Shop has been committed to inspiring and helping home improvement and DIY enthusiasts create beauty, both indoors and out, with hand-selected, high-quality porcelain, glass, ceramic, travertine, and natural tile products, along with exclusive designs and expert advice. The Tile Shop currently operates 140 full-service retail stores across the US.

The Challenge

Before WorkForce Experience, the Tile Shop found it hard to track and follow-up on task completion and provide feedback without hopping on a call or communicating back and forth over email.  

The company lacked an enterprise solution to send internal communications and communicate directly with store teams in real time, making it difficult to know if store and visual merchandising teams received internal communications and were following directives accordingly.

The Solution

The Tile Shop needed a more efficient way to communicate, share information, assign tasks, provide feedback, and engage with store teams.

The company began using WorkForce Experience as a standalone app to streamline communication and knowledge sharing between HQ, store, and visual merchandising teams and communicate directly via their personal devices — increasing visibility into day-to-day operations and ensuring merchandising standards and corporate directives got followed correctly.

The Outcomes

Streamlined Communication with Store Teams

With WorkForce Experience, The Tile Shop is sending an estimated 75% fewer emails to stores about tasks and reduced the time it takes to get in touch with staff. Teams can now communicate with superiors in-app through direct messages to clarify directives and request feedback.

“Since we started using WorkForce Experience, attending to merchandising standards and corporate directives has become much simpler and clearer to understand,” says Rachel Buffa, Store Manager at The Tile Shop.

Easy Onboarding and Training

Unlike other internal communication software, WorkForce Software’s intuitive, social media-like design and navigable interface makes it easy to onboard employees with little training, so they can download WorkForce Experience and begin using the app immediately.

Improved Visibility and Compliance

Before using WorkForce Experience, The Tile Shop had difficulty seeing how stores handled basic tasks and how long they took to complete. Now, HQ tracks what’s getting done and make suggestions, saving an estimated 10 hours per project when reaching compliance in-store.

Superior Support and Customer Service

Since implementation, The Tile Shop says the WorkForce Software client support and customer success team has answered any questions, resolved issues in a helpful and timely manner, and performed upgrades on a timeline that met their needs.

“I would highly recommend using WorkForce Experience,” says Alexis Madsen, Visual Merchandising Manager at The Tile Shop. “It’s easy to use and really helps our company ensure stores are doing what they should be every day.”

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