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Phillips 66
Phillips 66

“WorkForce Software provided us with the agility to respond to changing policies as it relates to the pandemic, allowing us to quickly implement new codes and policies to track COVID-19 cases.”

Chris Reynolds

Manager, Global Payroll Services

​Journey to the Cloud with Phillips 66

A Groundbreakers Story

A global diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company, Phillips 66 is a unique organization operating as a midstream and downstream business focused on the transportation of raw materials and finished products as well as refining, chemicals, marketing, and specialties. Phillips 66’s implementation of WorkForce Software was part of a broader, multi-year enterprise resource planning (ERP) transformation project to migrate all of their on-premise software into the cloud.

Customer Snapshot

Organization: Phillips 66
Headquarters: Houston, TX
Industry: Diversified Energy Manufacturing and Logistics
Employees: 14,000+
Implementation Partner:  Accenture

Why the Cloud?


Cost Continuous Improvement Reduced Burden Agility and Flexibility
  • Drive down the total ownership costs of owning or operating a technology solution
  • Changes and maintenance become more expensive as technology becomes more outdated
  • Frequent updates of software release patches or versions with new functionality
  • Incorporation of customer requests into product updates
  • Continuously monitor for governance, security, and compliance changes
  • Continuously monitor for pay leave regulations for certain locations
  • Always-on, available-everywhere technological environment
  • Scalability to ensure compatibility with unique business needs


The Challenges

  • On-premise legacy system with no true time and attendance solution
  • Multiple locations across the United States
  • Highly unionized environment with 40 different collective bargaining agreements
  • Manual time capture and scheduling, increased administrative burden
  • Little automation, no proactive controls or notifications for time entry validations


“This project was part of a larger, ever changing project moving from on-premise to the cloud, which meant our integration points with other systems were also changing at the same time. The WorkForce Software architecture allowed us to plan for future state integration.”—Chris Reynolds, Manager, Global Payroll Services

The Cloud Journey

The project to implement WorkForce Software spanned approximately 18 months with a go-live date in February 2020. Phillips 66 installed 193 timeclocks across 13 locations and logged 3,983 hours of training across 11,000 employees.


Implementation Configuration Metrics:

  • 22 Policy Profiles
  • 3 Payroll Frequencies
  • 74 Time Banks
  • 418 Bank Rules
  • 304 Unique Pay Codes
  • 338 Exceptions
  • Over 600 Pay Rules


  • Reduced payroll errors, re-work, and overspend
  • Minimized compliance risks
  • Ability to deploy mobile technology
  • Increased efficiencies and automation in end-to-end T&A processes
  • Improved employee experience through modern user interface, accurate pay, and greater visibility of hours worked
  • Improved ability to manage the global workforce and report centrally
  • Manager enablement and reduced HR time spent in administration through simplified business processes
  • Reduced double entry via system integration with SuccessFactors, SAP, and payroll


“WorkForce Software provided us with the agility to respond to changing policies as it relates to the pandemic, allowing us to quickly implement new codes and policies to track COVID-19 cases.”—Chris Reynolds, Manager, Global Payroll Services

Responding to COVID-19:

Moving to a cloud-based solution allowed Phillips 66 to circumvent the uncertainty of everchanging business circumstances. Phillips 66 began a phased return to the office in May 2020, and in order to safeguard the health of their workers the company has instituted various safety measures, including:

  • Personal health assessments
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Face coverings
  • Disinfection of common surfaces
  • Social distancing
  • Staggered work shifts
  • Contact tracing protocols for positive cases at corporate offices

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