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Striking the Right Balance Between Skillsets, Values, and Employee Needs

Kathy MacLellan | IT Project Manager for the Public Service Alliance of Canada

Kathy MacLellen is part of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), one of Canada’s largest unions representing over 230,000 workers across the country with extended presence globally. Members of the PSAC represent federal government departments and agencies, universities, casinos, airports, securities, and other groups.

“There’s a significant change in people and what they’re looking for. And it’s really a perfect mix because you’ve also got a significant change in technology, and we have more at our fingertips now than we could have ever imagined even 20 years ago.”

Kathy MacLellan | IT Project Manager for the Public Service Alliance of Canada

With close to 60 years of dedication to its members, the PSAC holds itself responsible for maintaining the high level of trust and confidence for all the workers they represent.

Kathy MacLellan gives a unique perspective of how the partnership between SAP SuccessFactors and WorkForce Software allowed PSAC to have full transparency and visibility of the needs of their intergenerational employees. She identifies PSAC’s awareness of different levels of technology change as a way to nurture employee engagement and ensure their workforce feels valued and heard.

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