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FMLA Best Practices: Support Employee Well-Being and Ensure Compliance

As employers face the uncertainty of the US Department of Labor’s announcement to increase Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) audits and enforcement, it is essential to ensure that your organization is compliant and your employees’ well-being is protected.

Prepare for what’s ahead. Watch the latest in the Compliance Navigator webinar series FMLA Best Practices: Support Employee Well-Being and Ensure Compliance now available on-demand.

Hosted by Paul Kramer, JD, Director of Compliance at WorkForce Software, this informative webinar provides a detailed overview of FMLA coverage and qualifying reasons. A seasoned employment law attorney, Paul offers best practices employers should follow to survive the scrutiny of an FMLA audit and important steps employers can take to prevent FMLA leave abuse while remaining compliant.

Discussion topics include:

  • A detailed overview of FMLA coverage
  • The qualified reasons for FMLA coverage
  • Best practices to be ready for an FMLA audit
  • Ways employers can help prevent FMLA fraud
  • How to ensure FMLA compliance

“The twin necessities of meeting compliance obligations and maintaining an engaged workforce mean that employers must focus more than ever on their employees’ physical and mental well-being.”


Paul Kramer, Director of Compliance, WorkForce Software


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Featured Speakers:
Paul Kramer

Paul Kramer

Director of Compliance | WorkForce Software

Paul Kramer, JD, is an experienced employment law attorney and has been the Director of Compliance at WorkForce Software for more than 10 years. As Director of Compliance, he researches and stays abreast of employment laws in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere in the world. Before joining WorkForce Software, Paul was in private practice specializing in representing employers in employment law issues for almost two decades and represented companies of all sizes in many industries.

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