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How Technology is Redefining Employee Experience in a Hybrid and Deskless World

As COVID numbers recede, many businesses are pushing their workforce to “get back to normal” and return to the previous standard of employees working in-office. But many workers have found themselves far more satisfied with the remote and hybrid models they have become accustomed to. This notion also leaves out deskless workers who have had far more unique arrangements in their positions during the pandemic. Leaders that want to accommodate their staff are confronting the challenges that may arise from long-term or permanent change in workplace settings while balancing business outcomes in an unpredictable economy.

Many of these decisions will depend on the technology choices employers implement, and whether they enable both expected productivity and a positive employee experience. These tools and solutions will define how the new modern workplace operates and effects workers, managers, and businesses as a whole. Who should own and be responsible for the employee experience, and what key factors should they consider when implementing hybrid and deskless worker models?

In this one-hour panel discussion, global HR and employee experience leaders will discuss how technology is redefining the employee experience in this ever-changing world:

  • What role does technology play in creating a digital employee experience that’s cohesive with the physical workplace experience?
  • How can HR gain the necessary leadership buy-in and budget approval when investing in the Employee Experience? And how are you ensuring your deskless, shift workers receive a slice of this budget?
  • How do you create a sense of belonging amongst remote teams?
  • How do you create a culture that fosters talent development and productivity?
  • How do you create a culture of feedback with your employees to make improvements to your EX offerings?

How can we meaningfully communicate, collaborate, and connect in a hybrid (or remote) environment by harnessing the power of technology? How can technology be used to build culture and social capital where our workforce is globally dispersed?

Featured Speakers:

Marc Gingras, Senior Vice President, Employee Experience Strategy at WorkForce Software

Sarah Henry, Vice President HR Transformation at Oracle

Manisha Singh, Vice President Employee Experience, Analytics & Digital HR at AstraZeneca

Hannah Ramsay, Vice President HR Global Workforce Skills Division at Pearson

Martijn Seijsener, Global Head of Employee Experience at Credit Suisse

Christopher Rainey, CEO at HR Leaders

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