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Implementing Workforce Management: Best Practices for Maximum ROI

WorkForce Software, Deloitte, Accenture, and EPI-USE discuss Implementing Workforce Management: Best Practices for Maximum ROI 

With over 55 years of combined experience in workforce management, our panelists will provide valuable insights, best practices, and practical tips to optimize both an initial global workforce management implementation as well as on-going improvements to workforce management practices. 

Speakers include Alyssa Scalia (WorkForce Software), Joel Werndorfer (Accenture), James Scott (Deloitte), and Dewald La Grange (EPI-USE America). Together, these experts discuss crucial topics such as project planning, governance, roll-out, and post-go-live. 

Featured Speakers:
James Scott

James Scott

Director of Consulting | Deloitte

James Scott is a highly accomplished leader with more than two decades of experience in the workforce management field. He is the head of Deloitte’s Global WorkForce Software Centre of Excellence. James thoroughly understands various workforce management software products and has a track record of success in implementing and optimizing them to ensure maximum efficiency.  

James is committed to helping organizations achieve their goals and delivering outstanding results. His domain knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to improve their workforce management processes using SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software.  

Joel Werndorfer

Joel Werndorfer

WorkForce Software North America Lead | Accenture

Joel Werndorfer is the North America Lead of Accenture’s WorkForce Software Practice, which operates under the SAP HXM group. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Joel’s primary focus has been implementing time and attendance/workforce management systems. Throughout his career, he has acquired functional and technical skills that he brings to his management experience as a capable leader.  

Joel’s background in the industry has helped him grow his career, and his knowledge and expertise make him a valuable asset to his team. His focus on time and attendance/workforce management systems has given him a deep understanding of how these systems operate and how they can be implemented for maximum efficiency. Joel’s combination of functional and technical skills enables him to lead his team effectively and ensure they deliver high-quality results.  

Dewald La Grange

Dewald La Grange

Associate Partner | EPI-USE America, Inc.

Dewald La Grange serves as an Associate Partner with EPI-USE America, leading the WFM business for the last six years. A highly experienced ERP professional, he has two decades of experience in various roles, including Project Manager, Functional Time Management, Consultant, and Functional Payroll Consultant. Dewald has managed implementation projects for SAP on Premise, WorkForce Software, and SuccessFactors Cloud. He has worked in diverse industries such as the public sector, utilities, higher education, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and software.  

Dewald’s extensive experience includes over 22 implementations of SAP HR (ESS/MSS, Time, Payroll, Benefits, OM/PA), SuccessFactors, and WorkForce Software. He has been involved in several life cycle support and upgrade projects, demonstrating his strong knowledge and skills.

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