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Ontario Bill 148 and Other Key Legislative Changes Affecting Employees in Canada

Presented by: Paul Kramer, Director of Compliance, WorkForce Software

Sweeping legal changes affecting employers with operations in Ontario were recently introduced by Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017, with more modifications coming in 2019. Significant reforms to workplace laws have taken place in other provinces as well. Are you compliant? Are the twists and turns of these new or amended laws creating undue anxiety in your company? With noncompliance with employment-related legislation fast becoming an area of substantial liability for many employers in Canada, it’s critical for workforce management teams to stay informed and to understand the nuances of these drastic reforms.

As an employer, do these issues concern you? Are you prepared for the shifting workplace landscape brought about by this new legislation? Do you have lingering questions about any new obligations or best practices you may now have to follow?

If your answers to any of these inquiries is “yes,” view this on-demand webinar as WorkForce Software’s Director of Compliance, Paul Kramer, discusses the broad changes occurring in Ontario and in other provinces, and answers the practical questions employers need answered to stay compliant, to avoid costly employee disputes, and to maintain a motivated and engaged workforce. Remember, your best protection is to be prepared.

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