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Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Technology Trends in Modern Workforce Management

Learn how employers can utilize technology to meet employee needs, engage your deskless workers, and provide a positive experience to all employees.

Sandra Moran, CMO at WorkForce Software, dropped by to chat with David Howell on the Silicon UK In Focus Podcast. They discussed how modern workforce management technology can solve common business problems by addressing employee experience, the importance of maintaining employee data, and preventing employee turnover.

The global pandemic has had a massive effect on businesses worldwide. However, many of the issues leading to dissatisfied employees and low retention rates were prevalent well before COVID, only exacerbated by the seismic shift in work conditions which followed. With many workers leaving the conventional workforce for new opportunities, companies must take a new approach to retaining and competing for talent by establishing a positive employee experience.

“COVID forever changed the view that employees have of their work…the Great Contemplation is representative of employees taking a moment to ask…’Is this really worth it?’ “


Sandra Moran CMO, WorkForce Software

Sandra goes into detail how a modern workforce management system addresses the “moments that matter” most to employees. Listen to the full podcast for more details on:

  • The Digital Native: Addressing the needs of a workforce that has largely “grown up” in a digital world, and has the same technology expectations in their occupation.
  • Super Computers in their Pockets: Leveraging the massive prevalence of employees’ personal smartphones to create a more connected productive organization.
  • Coordinated Compliance: Using employee data, time and attendance, and scheduling capabilities to navigate even the most complicated compliance ordinances.

And much more!

Listen to the full discussion on the Silicon UK In Focus Podcast

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