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On-Demand Webinar

How to Enhance the Employee Experience of Today’s Most Critical Worker: The Deskless Worker


Learn How to Meet Employee Needs for the Future of Work

One question every employer should be asking right now is: “How do we successfully create a hybrid working model with the spotlight firmly on employee experience?”

In actuality, we are all learning as we go, and no one has a definitive answer yet—so, why not pool resources and share with each other what we’ve learned so far?

Enabling people to thrive in a flexible environment requires an overhaul of the employee experience—encompassing people, places and processes. This webinar brings together leading HR and employee experience experts to discuss what employers can do to effectively prepare their workforce for a flexible future of work.

Discussion topics include:

  • How to build a unified culture that spans the entire global workforce
  • How to leverage technology to build and maintain engagement
  • How to adapt the hybrid working model for blue-collar workers, ensuring that they are not left behind and creating a two-class system
  • How to create a sense of belonging that extends to remote teams
  • How the evolution of workplaces will fulfil the needs and objectives of organizations, and what can be done to improve flexibility, choice and collaboration
  • How to prepare for when the work-from-anywhere model evolves


Featured Speakers:

Chris Rainey, CEO at HR Leaders

John Novak, Managing Director, Head of HR Americas at Swiss Re

Marc Gingras, Senior Vice President Employee Experience Strategy at WorkForce Software

Jolie Loeble, Vice President, People Operations at Daily Harvest

Robyn Jordan, Senior Managing Director, Employee Experience at DriveTime

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