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2023 IDC Tech Spotlight: New Perspectives on Intelligent Workforce Management for the Manufacturing Industry

Key Trends and Insights for the Future of Manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve is no longer just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Organizations across all sectors are reshaping how work gets done, and especially in the manufacturing industry. Modern manufacturers face unique challenges, from a significant skills shortage, with an over 50% shortage in North America, in meeting the increased demand for frontline employees. An aging workforce, lack of job experience, and the rising need for workers to handle large physical operations backlogs further add complexity to these issues. As a result, reevaluating investment strategies for frontline operations and reimagining workforce management has become imperative. 

2023 IDC Technology Spotlight

Learn why 46% of manufacturers see employee experience and boosting productivity as crucial drivers to business growth.

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The 2023 IDC Tech Spotlight is an insightful resource that provides new perspectives on intelligent workforce management for the manufacturing sector. The report highlights key trends and strategic priorities based on recent survey data from IT and business executives. Significantly, 46% of respondents agree that improving the employee experience and boosting productivity are crucial drivers for business growth. Organizations are increasing investments in technology resources to achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth, making them easily accessible to their workforce. 

Key takeaways from the 2023 IDC Tech Spotlight include: 

  • Investing in hardware, collaboration platforms, and automation technologies is enhancing productivity and experiences for frontline workers. 
  • The most significant challenges for frontline workers are high churn rates, insufficient training, outdated technology, and ineffective productivity measurement. 
  • Security concerns regarding unsecure networks, non-compliant devices, compromised monitoring, and risky behavior can be addressed by migrating services to the cloud. 
  • Frontline workers can benefit from automation by providing easy-to-use tools, skills training, and peer support. 
  • Modern productivity metrics are evolving to focus on quality scores, team behaviors, agile metrics, and skill levels alongside task completion. 

“By 2024, companies offering frontline workers democratized access to digital collaboration, process automation, and similar tools will see a 20% increase in revenue due to improved productivity.”

To maintain a competitive edge in the manufacturing sector, engaging with emerging trends and challenges is crucial. With skills shortages, an aging workforce, and the need for frontline employees, innovative solutions and strategic investments are necessary. The 2023 IDC Tech Spotlight offers valuable insights to address these challenges and guide future strategies, emphasizing the importance of employee experience and productivity in driving business growth and the need to leverage technology resources to achieve strategic goals. By applying the report’s insights, manufacturers can take steps forward to creating a future-ready and well-equipped workforce. 

Equip your workforce for the future and stay ahead in the rapidly changing manufacturing landscape. Dive into the full 2023 IDC Tech Spotlight report to gain valuable insights from industry leaders. It’s time to innovate, transform, and lead.  

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