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The Current State of North America Workforce Compliance

2023 confronted employers in the United States and Canada with a series of new employee protection measures, introducing significant changes to workplace compliance. New laws and regulations cover a variety of issues, bringing into effect measures that safeguard employees’ health, nurture work-life balance, and rectify salary disparities.  

Still, employers should remain cognizant that employee rights are progressing swiftly, meaning organizations must remain agile to support new employee needs. 2024 already promises a wave of new leave entitlements, representing a larger trend toward an employee-centric legal culture that enhances worker protections. 

The Current State of North America Workforce Compliance

This report provides a high-level overview of the workplace compliance laws and regulations that impacted U.S. and Canadian employers in 2023 while sharing insights on how to best prepare 2024.

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“New and amended employment laws protecting workers in a myriad of ways will continue in 2024 and perhaps accelerate, including pay transparency laws.”

Paul Kramer | Director of Compliance, WorkForce Software

In this report, WorkForce Software’s Director of Compliance, Paul Kramer, guides U.S. and Canadian employers through the most notable topics affecting compliance legislation, including: 

  • New Guidelines for FMLA and ADA  
  • Accommodations for Pregnancy-Related Conditions 
  • Compliance Best Practices  
  • Pay Transparency Laws  
  • Mental Health in the Workplace 
  • New Employee Leave Entitlements 

Compliance evolves swiftly, but supporting employees remains instrumental for retention and company reputation. An organization’s compliance concerns extend beyond regulatory matters and include union and collective bargaining agreements; industry standards; corporate policies; health and safety rules; and security concerns. Employers must take a proactive stance to compliance changes in the states and provinces where they operate. This not only protects their organization from costly penalties and risks, but also fosters a more trusting relationship between workers and employers.  

A successful compliance check promotes strong company values and positive employee experiences. Read The Current State of North America Workplace Compliance – 2024 Report. 

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