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The State of Mining Report | Modern Workforce in 2023 and Beyond

Effectively Managing, Communicating, and Engaging with Mining Industry Employees

The State of Mining Report 2023 reveals the challenges and opportunities mining leaders face today and key insights on how to cultivate a better working environment for their employees and optimize performance. In this report, we get to experience firsthand insights and lessons from influential global mining leaders around their values and approach towards building a modern workforce.  

The five key insights from the report focuses on: 

  • Modern work being flexible  
  • Elevating talent management  
  • Developing a change mindset 
  • Why environmental, social, and corporate governance needs to be at the forefront of decisions  
  • Strategies for embracing diversity   
State of Mining Report 2023

Learn why 68% of mining companies believe that flexible working arrangements are essential for the workforce to thrive.

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WorkForce Software prepared this report in partnership with SAP SucccessFactors and Manning & Co. This report is your key towards finding inspiration to optimize your most valuable assetyour global workforce. Download The State of Mining Report Modern Workforce in 2023 and Beyond.  

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