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The Times 2021 Employee Wellness Report: How Workforce Management Software Helps Employees Adapt to Change

Because 2021 will continue to change the way we work, sustained agility is a necessary practice for organizations who wish to stay ahead of the competition. WorkForce Software’s Chief Product Officer, Joe Ross, is featured in The Times’ 2021 Employee Experience and Wellbeing Report, which highlights the crucial role of employee experience toward an organization’s ability to support the ongoing execution of strategic business pivots. 

In his feature, Ross explains how the key to business agility is combining strategic pivots with employee feedback as part of a continuous loop. To do this, employers should use their workforce management software to gather real-time feedback of employees who are directly impacted by operational pivots. 

In discussing why organizations should understand the difference between thinking they’re supporting employees and actually doing so, Ross touches on recent survey data that outlines the gaps between the employee and employer point of view:

  • Some 83% of employers believe they offer scheduling flexibility for their workforces, but only 60% of employees agree. 
  • Only 69% of employees agree with the 83% of employers who claim to have effectively adapted to scheduling challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • The gap is even larger between employees and employers who feel that their organization helps employees deal with schedule disruptions due to personal circumstances.

Ross stresses an equally important driver of business success: the meaningful use of data and technology to predict problems and prescribe corrections to avoid unwanted results.

An early-warning system is vital for safeguarding your employees’ wellness as opposed to costly after-the-fact damage control that can harm attrition rates, productivity, and brand reputation. Successful businesses in a time of seismic change will not only embrace uncertainty, but they’ll also take their people with them on the journey. 

To read The Times’ full 2021 Employee Experience and Wellbeing Report, download your free copy today.

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