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Q3 UK Compliance Navigator Report

Organisations and HR departments continue to face an uncertain world. Challenges such as rising fuel prices, public transport strikes and spikes in COVID-19 cases are shaping the UK business landscape alongside employee needs and expectations.

The employment market remains tight for many sectors and presents ongoing recruitment challenges. Turnover rates keep organisations on their toes, especially those with workforces paid minimum wage. HR departments are tasked with waning employee mental health while navigating the relatively new landscape of hybrid and flexible working models.

As the complexities of the business world continue to mount, it’s important for organisations to remain diligent, staying informed on workplace compliance legislation and regulations.

Q3 UK Compliance Navigator Report

Review this compilation of the latest in UK workplace compliance that employers and HR departments should know and the action steps for staying ahead.

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The Q3 UK Compliance Navigator Report is for HR departments and workforce management professionals committed to their brand reputation and employee experience. This report serves as a roadmap, covering the latest in UK compliance and what to expect in the future.

Topics include: 

  • Interviewing Neurodivergent Candidates
  • Proposed Employment Law Changes
  • Pay Transparency and Pay Inequality
  • ‘Banter’ at Work
  • Fertility Leave
  • Business Etiquette
  • And Much More

Staying in the know on the state of workplace compliance is more than just a tool for mitigating litigation risks. Understanding these emerging laws and trends supports organisations in creating a stronger, more productive and happier workforce.

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