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Equipping A Diverse Workforce to Meet Customer Expectations

Jan 30, 2024

Key Takeaways from the UK 2022 Autumn Statement

Organizations that want to attract and retain talent should strive to ensure teams stay engaged to provide better service to their customers. From seasoned employees who’ve spent decades in the arena to teens who are embarking on their first jobs, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is very familiar with the challenges of engaging a multi-generational workforce. Meghan Rees, MLSE’s Director of Workforce Management and Scheduling stresses the importance of identifying the unique needs of employees across ages to craft flexible and supportive work experiences. By tuning into employee voices and uniting their people under a shared mission, MLSE has built an inclusive culture where employees thrive.

“Employees have been willing to tell us what they expect. They want more flexibility, more immediate responses, access to information about their jobs, about their pay, and their schedules. As an employer, were attracting a new generation of workers by providing them with the highest level of service that we expect them to provide for our fans.”

Meghan Rees | Director of Workforce Management and Scheduling, MLSE

Our Modern Workforce Leaders Series spotlights how this sports giant engages its cross-generational staff to ultimately deliver those spine-tingling moments for Toronto’s devoted fans. 

See how Maples Leaf Sports Entertainment leads a diverse employee population using modern workforce management tools.

Supporting a Diverse and Multi-Generational Workforce

MLSE owns and runs a total of eight facilities in Toronto and operates nationwide across Canada, serving passionate sports fans with world class events. Their impressive portfolio includes ownership of the Toronto Maple Leaf’s (NHL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto FC (MLS), Toronto Argonauts (CFL), Toronto Marlies (AHL), Raptors 905 (NBA G League), TFC II (MLS Next Pro), and Raptors Uprising Gaming Club, the Toronto Raptors esports franchise in the NBA 2K League.   

Behind the scenes, a diverse workforce helps make these experiences possible. The MLSE workforce encompasses a range of individuals, from employees in their teens in their first jobs, to retirees with decades of expertise. Spanning over 80 years in age, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to engagement. 

As Meghan explains, the key to keeping their workforce engaged is to embrace adaptability and listen to their employees’ needs. “They’re all trying to find value in their work, and they want to share their opinion in a way that improves their experience.” She makes it clear that organizations must prioritize collecting worker feedback to understand diverse needs and to take clear actions to make improvements to meet these needs.  


Implementing Flexible Workforce Management Solutions

Taking steps to respond to employee feedback, MLSE took action by implementing WorkForce Software’s modern workforce management solution to meet the unique needs of their employees. The company has transformed its work environment by equipping their large deskless worker population with tailored solutions. 

For younger employees seeking seamless collaboration and instant answers, the integration of consumer-grade communication tools has fostered an environment conducive to their needs. Conversely, the insights shared by experienced staff, accrued over years in the field, have been invaluable in shaping innovative operational strategies. Instant, operationally focused internal communications allow these groups to engage and stay informed, encouraging collaboration and keeping all staff aligned.  

Another key component of this transformation was the introduction of scheduling software that gives employees the tools to flexibly manage their work/life balance. “WorkForce Software has really helped us connect with our employees, letting them to take charge of their own schedules and see their own timesheets well ahead of when they get paid.”  

MLSE also implemented online learning and development tools to facilitate their employees’ continued career growth. “Employees can engage with our training and on-demand access to information for their jobs whenever they want to, however they want to.” These capabilities are accessible anywhere, from any device, so all employees can engage on their own terms.  

MLSE’s success in enhancing employee experience through these modern workforce management solutions demonstrates the importance of prioritizing workforce satisfaction. These flexible, personalized tools have established an inclusive culture where employees can take ownership of their career paths, and everyone can contribute as a unified team. 


Uniting Employees to Deliver World-Class Fan Experiences

The results speak loudest in the arena, where devoted fans are immersed in epic entertainment experiences at each event. MLSE’s desire to create winning teams and deliver championships to its city and its fans has always been at the core of the company’s values.  

Meghan makes it clear that modern workforce management tools are pivotal for equipping their workers to provide the world class experiences their fans expect. “When there’s one source of communication and information for everybody, and everyone’s getting the same information at the same time, we have a far more connected workforce moving in the same direction towards the same goal.”  

Despite the complexity and scale of their organization, MLSE’s efforts to better engage their workforce has allowed them to unite and empower employees to create extraordinary moments for their fans and each other. Their organizations continue to grow, develop world-class venues, and discover new innovative ways to bring fans together. 

With five generations operating in the workforce, organizations will need to make efforts to bridge the divide between younger digital natives and experienced employees. In this way, MLSE provides a blueprint for success—embrace flexibility, collect and act on employee feedback, and invest in workforce management tools that can unite your people behind a shared purpose. True modern workforce leaders like Meghan Rees recognize the need to stay adaptable and champion efforts that support diverse employee needs within their organizations. 

Listen to Meghan describe how her company supports their multi-generational workforce by implementing flexible solutions that meet diverse employee needs.

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