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Improving the Employee Experience with the WorkForce Suite

Nov 3, 2020

Employee Engagement
Joe Ross

Joe Ross

VP, Global Product Management

Improving the Employee Experience with the WorkForce Suite

WorkForce Software continues to expand on our delivery of consumer-grade usability of our enterprise-grade platform and capitalize on our unique position to improve employee-employer interactions. After all, every day, multiple times a day, millions of employees around the world interact with their employers through the WorkForce Suite. If you step back and think about it, the WorkForce Suite facilitates those interactions that matter most in the work life of an employee:

  • Hourly workers interact with the clocking Hub Card to punch in and out to ensure they are accurately paid.
  • Employees view their schedules to see when they work next, where they work, what they are working on, and who they may be working with.
  • Employees request time off to spend precious time with family or request long-term medical, parental, or even military leave.

These most meaningful and valued interactions that occur between an employee and their employer are all made easy by the WorkForce Suite. WorkForce has an opportunity and a responsibility to delivery even more value to your business and to your employees at the valuable interaction point that we serve.

WorkForce Software has invested in tools to proactively monitor the operational data that flows through the WorkForce Suite each day as millions of employees from around the world interface and interact with their employer. The WorkForce Suite can be configured to search for those meaningful and impactful opportunities to engage with employees, creating employee engagement that occurs “in the moment” via the WorkForce Assistant as the employee is experiencing an important moment in their work life.

Employee Experience Execution at Its Finest

Imagine an employee experience where the WorkForce Suite identifies that an employee has just crossed a critical operational threshold: working a certain number of hours of unplanned overtime, for example.

In the moment, the WorkForce Assistant surfaces an urgent notification on the employee’s mobile device and asks that employee to answer a few questions related to their experience: in this case, how they are feeling about working unplanned overtime. The employee provides feedback to the WorkForce Assistant so the business can measure the effect of that specific action on the employee in real-time. These insights are able to empower the business and guide the manager to take action that prevents an unhealthy employee experience in the future.

By engaging employees “in the moment” with context-based surveys, you can measure the impact of critical work experiences and use that data to close the loop on manager actions that can drive drastically improved engagement. When you are listening to your employees and consequently acting based on their input, you are able to move the needle on boosting employee engagement which, in the end, benefits everyone.

6 Essential Workforce Management Strategies for a Safe and Productive Return to Work

6 Essential Workforce Management Strategies for a Safe and Productive Return to Work

Download this eBook to learn 6 essential workforce management strategies that will help you design a safe and structured return-to-work plan.

Using the Latest Technology to Get the World Back to Work: WorkForce Pre-Shift Health Screen

Imagine an employee experience in which, a few hours before their shift start time and while they are still at home, an employee receives a notification from the WorkForce Assistant on their mobile phone. The Assistant delivers an urgent notification informing the employee that it’s time to take a pre-shift health screen. The employee interacts with a chatbot that asks a set of questions and, based on the employee’s answers, informs the employee in real-time if they are cleared for work or if they should follow CDC or company policy for self-quarantine.

The WorkForce Assistant, powered by our market-leading rules engine, can trigger “in the moment” notifications and, through our seamless integrations with survey and chatbot platforms, can dramatically improve our customers’ ability to drive better employee engagement.  

Delivering Value to Our Customers and the Employees They Serve

 WorkForce Software focuses our product vision and our innovation efforts toward delivering ideal and novel solutions to the important market problems that are pervasive and urgent in the markets we serve. One of those market problems, employee engagement, is a problem that our customers across a board set of industries and geographies are faced with. We know this because you have told us—and we’re always listening to your needs. Our mission is to deliver maximum value to our customers by ideally delivering easy-to-use tools that are valued by employees and managers to truly make work easy. To learn more about the WorkForce Suite, watch a video of our product tour to see it in action.

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