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WorkForce Software Recognized as a 2021 Nucleus WFM Value Matrix Leader for the 7th Year in a Row

Apr 27, 2021

WorkForce Software Recognized as a 2021 Nucleus WFM Value Matrix Leader for the 7 th Year in a Row

Currently representing 80% of the total workforce, an estimated 2.7 billion employees are deskless workers who don’t have a designated working space. Whether on the factory floor, at the sales counter, out in the field, or on the road, deskless workers are the frontline of many organizations—the faces of businesses that customers see and interact with every day.

Because today’s workforce is significantly more diverse and digitally native, deskless workers are trained to expect commercial-grade productivity tools and rely heavily on technology to connect with their peers. In fact, access to better technology on the job is much more than a nice-to-have—it’s a deciding factor for employment. A substantial 78% of deskless workers say that the technology provided by an employer—and its usability and functionality—will ultimately influence whether or not they join a company.

Highly usable, consumer-grade technology also plays an important role in both retention and movement of new hires up the productivity curve as many deskless-worker industries have some of the highest turnover rates. Supermarkets and quick-service restaurants can experience up to 100% turnover each year. Especially in the new workplace, it’s critical that increased attention is paid not only to these employees, but also to the ways in which new technology improves their at-work experience and helps them be successful in their roles. While you can’t add more hours to the day, technology can help employees be more productive with the hours they do have by pushing the frontier beyond the office and helping employees where and when their work is happening.

Great technology connects people in ways that matter, in the moments that matter. It empowers us to do more, to create more, to be more—and always in a way that supports our own personal working styles or communication preferences. At WorkForce Software, we’re passionate about providing an exceptional end-to-end experience by building essential solutions that people love to use. That’s why we’re proud to be selected as a leader in the 2021 Nucleus Value Matrix for WFM, our seventh consecutive year in the leadership position.

Nucleus keeps their evaluation criteria for vendors simple, considering just two variables that are key to driving value: usability and functionality. Value Matrix leaders are chosen based on their proven ability to deliver these capabilities across their solution set, provide the best ROI, and continually invest in innovation to support their customers.

WorkForce Software CEO, Mike Morini, weighs in on the recognition, “Every day at WorkForce Software our customers come first, and this is welcomed recognition for our team to once again be named a leader in Nucleus Research’s WFM Technology Value Matrix, acknowledging the innovative functionality we bring to our customers’ businesses,” he says. “Workforce management software can do much more than optimize labor spend. At WorkForce, we put consumer-grade technology in the hands of thousands of deskless workers during their workday, enabling them to interact in a meaningful way so they remain engaged and become an empowered partner in the daily operations of their business.”

WorkForce is committed to putting the customer first, delivering value across the organization, and always enabling the very best employee experience possible. As a trusted voice in the workforce management space for over 20 years, we’re honored to be recognized by the team at Nucleus in areas that resonate so deeply with our mission.

Download the 2021 WFM Technology Value Matrix to discover how our solution solves the evolving needs of employees in today’s rapidly changing work landscape.

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