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2020: The Year of Embracing Unique

Jan 20, 2020

2020: The Year of Embracing Unique

The “Roaring Twenties”: a decade of optimism and prosperity, an era defined by its innovative forces that propelled the United States into economic growth, cultural dynamism, and new ways of living. It’s a decade that can hardly be characterized without recognizing the people who defined it: those who revolted against traditional standards, who embraced—even indulged—in the idea of liberation from past restrictions.

Exactly a century later we ring ourselves into 2020: a new year, a new decade, and perhaps an opportune moment to mirror some of the iconic energy that held such influence one hundred years ago. The new year reminds us that change is an undeniable constant: industries become increasingly aggressive, regulations are constantly in flux, and advancements in product innovations occur seemingly overnight.

Along with many others, these factors create unique working environments, which require companies to adapt in ways that are individual to them. In an age where uniqueness is an organization’s biggest weapon against change, it’s an enormous source of opportunity. Uniqueness is here to stay. We should embrace the evolution of an ever-changing workplace by welcoming the unique ways in which we respond to it. And in embracing what makes us different, we all might benefit from channeling a little bit of that iconic 1920’s energy.

Now this isn’t a call to bob your hair, buy a flapper dress, and defy the Eighteenth Amendment. But as the new year calls for your organization to redefine its workforce management goals, use that notion of liberation to reject the idea that your uniqueness is something to be stifled. Break old patterns of expectations. Refuse to be put in a box.

In 2020, WorkForce Software is reaffirming our commitment to putting you first, supporting your needs, and treating you as the one-of-a-kind organization that you truly are. Our newest release of the WorkForce Suite—available today—is designed to encourage uniqueness by adapting to your specific workforce management requirements no matter how particular your pay rules, labor regulations, schedules, or employee self-service needs are.

Embracing our customers’ uniqueness is core to everything we do and, because of our flexible rules engine, we accomplish that unlike any other vendor in the space. One of our customers pays their emergency medical technicians a premium if they work a shift during a full moon. Another customer pays their employees a premium for riding a boat to work. Think you’ve got something crazier? We’ll solve it for you. 

Our goal with the January 2020 release is to reimagine the world of workforce management with a game-changing user experience. No two employees are the same and because your organization’s people are a principal differentiator, they deserve a meaningful interface that fosters engagement, communication, and productivity. That’s the sweet spot. That’s where the magic happens.

No matter where the uniqueness lies in your organization, we’re proud to be helping you love what makes you different in an efficient, scalable, risk-free way. They say that history repeats itself and, in this case, (at least the good parts) we certainly hope so. May 2020 be the year of celebrating unique, the year of converting challenge into opportunity—the beginning of an era. WorkForce Software is roaring in to the 20’s, and we’re bringing you along for the ride.

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