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A few years ago, attending a meeting just meant walking down the hall to the conference room for most people. Now, for remote or hybrid employees, attending an onsite meeting means factoring in a commute, time away from project tasks, and arranging care for family members.   

Sandra Moran, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at WorkForce Software, discusses with HP’s The Garage about in-person meetings and how to make the most of the face-to-face time with team members.  

Moran notes that a clear benefit of in-person meetings is that people tend to feed off each other’s energy and feel more comfortable participating — all of which can make in-person meetings feel more exciting and satisfying for employees. 

“The opportunity for including more ideas from more individuals is often enabled by in-person interaction, side-bar conversations, and casual exchanges on the way to and from the meeting,” she says. “That’s difficult to recreate in an online-only meeting situation.” 

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