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You’ve answered their questions during the job interview. Now it’s your turn. Even if you’ve had your questions answered along the way, it’s usually best to ask one more before you depart so hiring managers can gauge your interest. 

FOX Business consulted career experts and HR professionals – including WorkForce Software’s SVP of Human Resources, Leslie Tarnacki – on their favorite go-to interview questions on the job candidate side. 

According to Tarnacki, asking interviewers about their personal experience at a company can help you determine workplace culture. 

“If the person interviewing you has been at the company for several years, ask what’s kept them there. If they are new, ask why they joined,” Tarnacki said. 

She explains that you should ask follow-up questions because it shows you care and are listening during the interview.  

Tarnacki adds, “Make it personal and take note of what answers they give – whether they feel canned or authentic can be a good indicator of that person’s happiness at the company.” 

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