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With productivity levels projected to disappoint in 2023, bucking the trend will require intentional action. Mike Morini, CEO at WorkForce Software, speaks with Forbes about three areas companies can focus on to help boost employee morale and improve their experience at work. 

Morale is generally higher when there is trust between an employee and manager – in fact, Forbes has gone so far as to say it’s the key to making remote work actually work. Morini says managers should focus on human connection via technology, managing morale, and purpose-led productivity in order to help employees become more engaged in their everyday work. 

“Enabling employees to have a say in their schedule, work with less frustrations and barriers to good performance, and the ability to provide feedback on better ways to perform in their work can go a long way in creating positive morale and a sense of loyalty and mutual trust between both parties,” says Morini. 

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