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When asked how The Great Resignation affected their organizations, one in three respondents indicated it is “somewhat or very difficult” to retain good talent. What can organizations do to respond to this challenge? 

Investment in employee training and professional development increases retention and job satisfaction and helps attract and effectively onboard new hires. When current and prospective employees know they can evolve with a company and their development goals are supported, the result is enhanced employee well-being and loyalty. 

WorkForce Software’s SVP of HR, Leslie Tarnacki, elaborates on why these employee development programs and benefits should be part of a company’s employee value proposition.   

“It is beneficial to offer employee development benefits. These days, employees are eager to broaden their skillsets,” Tarnacki says. “But if there are no opportunities for advancement, employees will feel like they are plateauing and will start looking for something new and exciting.”  

Examples of organizational training opportunities include e-learning courses, in-person and online specialty certificates, as well as on-site training bringing industry-leading experts to your workplace for specific goals. 

Tarnacki adds, “I highly recommend investing in your employees. Offering professional development courses and ongoing training opportunities will make your employees feel valuable, increase retention rates, and give your company a competitive edge.” 

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