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WorkForce Software unveiled the key findings of its third annual Global Employee Experience (EX) Study. The research sheds light on a critical challenge faced by organizations amid the backdrop of competitive labor markets and the urgent need for a return on investment in business transformation initiatives. 

In the realm of employee and employer perceptions, there is a growing understanding among managers regarding the expectations of frontline workers. However, action from employers still lags behind. The findings of this study, carried out over three years, highlight significant gaps in the perceived quality of the employee experience. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in perception alignment—where employees and employers now share similar views on essential experience elements. 

While these gaps have decreased, there is work yet to be done. The study shows that 43% of employees still feel undervalued by their employer, while more than 35% believe their contributions to the business go unrecognized. 

Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, emphasizes the urgency of addressing these challenges, stating, “Keeping employees engaged to avoid losing valuable talent is of paramount importance right now. The cost of inaction, including the negative impact on productivity, talent acquisition, and retention, far outweighs the investment required to support, upskill, and empower deskless employees.”

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