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Dr. Angelina Sun, Workforce Management Solutions Director at WorkForce Software, shares insights with FE News into why the strikes by educators are happening and what can be done to mitigate them and improve the employee experience for educators.

With inflation continuing to rise, teachers and lecturers are facing below-inflation pay rises that do not match increased day-to-day pressure and expenditure. Amid this crisis, frontline educators, including teachers and lecturers, are rightly demanding pay increases to combat inflation while also seeking more flexible working options as they look for balancing work-life demands such as their own childcare.

“Modern workforce management technologies that utilise sophisticated AI and machine learning, alongside user-friendly design, can reinforce better working practices for all staff, whether frontline in the classroom, or supporting staff,” said Dr. Angelina Sun, Workforce Management Solutions Director at WorkForce Software. “If we want to close the talent gap and recruit and retain essential educators we need to treat them better and invest in their workplace experiences. This means using all we have at our disposal – technology included – to design pay, reward, benefit, and experience packages that reflect the crucial role their talent plays in society.”

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