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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, WeAreTechWomen talks with WorkForce Software’s Chief Technology Officer, Nicole Neumarker, about being a leader in the technology industry and how she believes greater equity can be achieved in the field. The publication discusses gender parity, developing a career in IT and STEM, and smashing that glass ceiling.

Neumarker believes tech could benefit from an image change. While many of us picture men as the dominant gender in software engineering, this is simply not the case.

“One of the main barriers in making the industry more attractive is breaking the stigma that STEM is exclusively for those who specialize in mathematics or technology,” she says. “Women are often alienated from a career in STEM early on because they are unaware of the gradation of skills, pathways and jobs available that don’t require a master’s degree in computing.”

She continues to explain how having more role models can help women picture themselves with a career in technology and make the industry more attractive overall. “People forget that technology has layers. Yes – the software developers of the tech world are vital – but so are the problem-solving skills, design skills and ability to spot unmet needs that can lead to technology breakthroughs and innovations,” she says.

Neumarker adds, “Moving forward, businesses need to open up the STEM umbrella and provide women and minority groups with training programs and opportunities to broaden their understanding of what a career in STEM has to offer.”

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