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Following the turmoil of the pandemic, many salaried employees have had the opportunity to work remotely and enjoy newfound flexibility in their day-to-day work lives. For many, the ability to be more in control over where and when they work has been life-changing, enabling them to find better work-life balance and feel more productive. The experience of the shift, or “deskless,” workforce has been much different. Those who work in retail, production, construction, healthcare and other jobs that require being onsite, also desire flexibility, particularly with respect to their schedules, but feel their employers have overlooked them. 

Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, dives into the answers for Quality Digest’s readers with this in-depth look at the solutions companies need in order to offer their deskless workforce a better experience.  

“Workplace management technology allows organizations to give deskless employees the flexibility they want while meeting business requirements. These solutions offer immediate mobile access so employees can easily make schedule changes, submit time-off requests and initiate shift swaps,” says Morini. 

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