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As the government’s decision to end the furlough scheme takes effect, employers and employees alike should understand the options available to their organizations.

In a conversation with LBC’s Martin Stanford, WorkForce Software’s SVP EMEA, Steve Tonks, spoke about the impact this will have on workers across the United Kingdom.

“As government furlough comes to an end, employers of the deskless majority, who have been most reliant on the scheme, will need to think carefully about their next move,” Tonks says.

It’s important for companies to pay special attention to how they welcome back furloughed staff, given the flexibility these employees experienced over the last year. As they begin to return to work, there are steps that employers can take to help retain and satisfy talent.

“According to WorkForce Software research, 87% of employers state they help hourly workers deal with personal circumstances that affect work schedules, while only 60% of employees agree,” Tonks adds.

“To retain and satisfy this vital section of the workforce, employers need to pay attention to this gap and make genuine efforts to close it as their teams return from furlough.”

Technology plays an important role in this process. As employees have become accustomed to consumer-grade, mobile technology in their personal lives, they’ve grown to expect it at work as well.

“Companies must invest in engaging, user-friendly and smart technologies that support these workers’ unique needs,” Tonks says.

“With a strong tech platform rooted in a consumer-grade experience, organizations can help employees feel connected to their employers through regular communications.”

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