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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software talks with A1 Retail about ways that businesses can help their employees avoid burnout. Moran discusses how the industry can address and mitigate staff burnout, particularly during peak seasons like the holidays and the dreary winter months that follow.  

The thought-provoking article highlights the challenges faced by retail workers, such as increased stress and turnover, and proposes modern WFM technology to support employee demands like flexibility and autonomy in scheduling. Moran expresses that the adoption of digital tools for forecasting and scheduling enables managers and leaders to better manage staffing needs and improve communication between employees and management. And it’s suggested that with the right flexible work model and modern workforce management technology, retailers can effectively manage peak demand cycles while improving employee well-being and satisfaction. 

“With the right flexible work model and optimized scheduling technology, retailers can conquer the peaks in customer demand cycles. Existing employees stay more engaged across the full year, and customers enjoy improved service from happy, well-informed workers, not stopgap seasonal hires. When leveraged strategically, flexibility is the future of retail,” says Moran. 

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