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Amid today’s cost of living crisis, more frontline, deskless workers are demanding pay increases to combat inflation, as well as more flexible working options. These employees are the healthcare staff, public safety, factory workers, retail employees, and freight and delivery workers that comprise the essential workforce. 

How can employers make work easier for their people and attract and retain talent? Steve Tonks, SVP of EMEA for WorkForce Software, shares his insights with Business Reporter on how to improve the employee experience of the deskless workforce. 

“Recruiting and retaining skilled, deskless talent requires employers to invest in their workplace experiences,” Tonks says. “Companies should utilise all tools at their disposal, starting with a strong tech platform that is rooted in a consumer-grade experience, to close the employee experience gap between those on the frontline and those in the office.” 

With an estimated 2.7 billion such deskless workers worldwide – many of whom are part of trade unions – this population of workers comprises over 80% of the global workforce. Read on to learn why a combination of improved pay, working conditions, and employee experiences will be increasingly critical to attract and retain this vital majority of the workforce. 

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