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Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software, engages Tech Radar readers and leaders to examine their workforce management technology and determine if it’s meeting their needs and the demands of their essential employees, especially their deskless workforce. He gives advice to managers on how they can quickly improve their employees’ experiences by revamping their workplace technology, especially to meet the needs of the younger generation of workers.  

Modern WFM technology also drives better business results and Morini explains the cost of doing nothing for companies with outdated tech — it takes a huge toll on workers and their employers by increasing burnout and turnover, driving up operational costs, and reducing competitiveness. He points out that often, it’s not that organizations don’t want to modernize their workforce technology, but they may feel locked into their current system due to the anticipated time and cost involved in replacing it. Morini recommends that companies research options, including understanding how much a product’s value outweighs the cost of changing, how easily it integrates with existing systems, and how effectively it maximizes labor investments — to select a solution that drives higher levels performance now and that can easily scale with future growth. 

“By 2025, Gens Y and Z will comprise 64% of the workforce. Digital natives who grew up with technology as an integral part of their lives, they want a workplace that’s supported like their life outside work and that prioritizes their well-being. Digitized communications that go beyond simple chat to integrate data, advanced analytics, and automation in real time so workers and managers can adapt quickly through mobile devices. Peer-to-peer communications that enable workers to autonomously swap shifts, provide instant feedback to managers, and gain a deeper level of engagement with each other and their employer,” says Morini. 

He goes on, “with ongoing labor shortages, economic uncertainty, and increasing fragmentation of the workforce, modern workforce technology offer organizations an enormous advantage by improving employee experience and ultimately boosting operational efficiency, competitiveness, and financial performance.” 

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