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In 2021, a WorkForce Software survey of deskless employees and managers found that 81% of managers said they felt their organizations had adjusted their scheduling policies sufficiently to deal with COVID-19, compared to 64% of deskless workers. WorkForce Software found similar gaps on topics such as scheduling flexibility and COVID-19 responses.

HR Dive addresses why more deskless workers are still considering moving on from their current jobs. More than 40% of global “deskless” workers — those whose jobs are tied to a fixed location or that can’t be done remotely — are open to a new job.

Internally, HR may need to think through how to more effectively communicate the impact of burnout on staff to executives – and opening channels for employees to communicate their burnout. HR Dive cites WorkForce Software research on the topic, pointing out that a disconnect between deskless workers and managers still exists.

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