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Deskless Workers: The Overlooked Workforce Deserves More 

A new article, “On-The-Go but In-The-Know: How to Keep Your Frontline Deskless Workers Engaged,” by Dr. Angelina Sun from WorkForce Software, has been released on the Human Experience Excellence magazine by, offering in-depth insights into the unique challenges and needs of deskless workers. 

Deskless workers, ranging from healthcare professionals to sales associates, often find themselves underserved by HR technologies. “These workers are on the frontline, disconnected from corporate headquarters, yet crucial to operations. Their need for engagement and communication tools is no less than their desk-bound peers,” states Dr. Sun. The research emphasizes the disparities faced by these workers, from inflexible scheduling to a lack of effective communication tools. 

The recent Workforce Experience Gap Study by WorkForce Software showcases that while the majority of deskless workers wish for more flexible scheduling, only 25% of organizations utilize online scheduling software facilitating that capability. Furthermore, despite the increasing demand for open communications and the ability to provide feedback, many workers find themselves voiceless. 

In light of these challenges, the article also offers potential solutions. Dr. Sun highlights, “Smart communications are the bridge to an engaged workforce. Leveraging real-time data and automation creates a personalized employee experience, making organizations a top choice for workers.” 

The article not only underlines the issues but also offers actionable steps, emphasizing the urgency for change. The Workforce Experience Activation Guide, provided within the article, is designed to assist leaders in fostering better engagement and communication with their deskless workforce. For more insights, readers are encouraged to delve into the full article and explore the comprehensive strategies presented. 

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