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The safety and wellbeing of thousands of deskless workers has hit headlines during the pandemic for all the wrong reasons. With employers struggling to hire essential front-line staff, deskless wellbeing must become a priority to attract and retain vital workers. 

“To create better experiences for vital frontline, deskless workers, companies must invest in engaging, user-friendly, and smart technologies that support these workers’ unique needs,” says Steve Tonks, SVP EMEA at WorkForce Software. 

Research from WorkForce Software revealed that even the most basic employee experience functions for deskless workers are still performed using inefficient and poorly designed systems.  

For example, 56% of deskless employees report severely dated methods for time tracking, including paper forms and punch cards – just one example of how there is a long way to go to improve experiences for these underserved employees. 

Modern workforce management technologies can enable organisations to create a safe, more productive environment for their frontline staff. 

Technology provides critical data for leadership to better understand their workers’ reality, enabling data-driven decision-making to mitigate, minimise incidences of abuse, and improve the employee experience.  

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