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Here’s the concept of “quiet firing” in a nutshell: Employers may intentionally make their employees’ day-to day work life harder in the hope that these people eventually will quit. Motivations for “quiet firing” can run the gamut, from simply not liking someone to a myriad of other reasons, according to employment experts.  

Fox Business tapped Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of HR at WorkForce Software, for her thoughts on the latest trend of “quiet firing” and how it can hurt American businesses – as well as insights for employees on how to combat this issue. 

Tarnacki recommends that a face-to-face conversation should be set up, giving employees the opportunity to lay everything on the table regarding how they’ve been feeling. They can also discuss their workload, worries related to burnout, their value, and why they feel they deserve a promotion or salary increase.   

“It’s important to remember that employers who have a people-focused mindset will make it a priority to listen to their employees and ensure that everyone in the organization feels supported and happy at work,” Tarnacki says. 

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