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Press Gazette speaks to Sandra Moran, CMO at WorkForce Software, in the latest edition of their Marketing Maestro interview series. Moran shares some of her B2B marketing achievements, the ins and outs of media channels, and the importance of harnessing buyer intent data.

When asked about her proudest achievement in her current role, Moran shares that she’s most proud of creating a better customer experience while focusing resources on maximizing revenue growth, ultimately bringing WorkForce Software solutions to a growing list of global customers.

“To support growth, our team has driven a shift, transitioning from a hunch-based sales and marketing approach to a completely data driven, targeted, 1:1 sales and marketing program,” Moran says. “Harnessing buying intent data from potential companies that are in our ideal customer profile has produced tangible results for our team’s efforts and brought us much closer to the sales team.”

She also gives her advice about what makes marketing content truly impactful and dives into the importance of social media for today’s buyers. Social media is an important part of the marketing mix for any B2B company and needs a very thoughtful plan to finesse the posts, she says.

Moran adds, “Technology, the marketing tech stack, and the data they give us, are the most important tools in maximizing the impact of marketing investments. With data, we are able to spot trends, intelligently target ideal buyers, optimize our budget spending decisions, demonstrate results, align with sales, and positively contribute to the growth of the business.”

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