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Given the constant state of flux in the business world these days, few organizations can truly say they have been able to normalize operations and nail their hybrid working strategy. 

However, by matching the right technology solutions with the most pressing hybrid-working challenges, organizations will reach their end destination quicker: a happy, productive, engaged and empowered workforce. 

What exactly are the seven most significant business challenges and the best tech, tools and processes to solve them and speed up progress? Worklife spoke with WorkForce Software’s SVP EMEA, Steve Tonks, about the topic.  

Understanding how employees are feeling, especially in a period of huge change and uncertainty, is invaluable to managing the workforce, according to Tonks.  

“Involve employees — not with a once-a-year survey — through an ongoing feedback loop to measure the current sentiment,” he says. 

And with five generations in the workplace at the same time, making sure workers of all ages are happy is vital. By putting greater focus on the employee experience, organizations set themselves up for success. 

“To understand the multigenerational workforce, invest in consumer-grade technology so that data can be leveraged to make it easier to capture employee feedback frequently, detect a potential problem with an employee, and enable managers to take action in the moment,” Tonks says. 

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