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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO) at WorkForce Software, shares with HRNews the importance of today’s deskless workers. In today’s post-pandemic world, she says utilizing modern workforce management technology is vital for these essential deskless workers to perform their jobs, engage at work, and feel valued.

Moran provides her expertise and insights, sharing five challenges that today’s deskless workforce face, and more importantly, how modern workforce management (WFM) technology can solve these challenges.

“One of the main challenges for organizations with deskless employees is managing their time and attendance. 56% of employees say they must deal with inefficient time and attendance management systems,” Moran says. “A digital method of time-tracking would help to support time-related compliance issues, such as the UK’s working time regulations and rest breaks.”

She adds, “We must evolve beyond onerous manual steps and system workarounds that create payroll issues, and ultimately prevent workforce optimization.”

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