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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO) at WorkForce Software, talks with TechNative and reminds readers that the majority (80%) of the global workforce are in vital roles that take place away from the confines of a desk. Even though, the debate around the “future of work” in today’s post-pandemic reshuffle often focuses on employees whose work can be completed at a desk, whether situated in an office or at home.

Moran refocuses readers on the plight of the deskless who serve some of the most critical roles in our society, whether in the factory, warehouse, the field, behind the wheel, in stores, classrooms or in our medical facilities. She explains that while office counterparts have enjoyed the benefits of working remotely, most deskless workers have been left without access to options on where to work or the same technologies that could transform their working lives for the better.

As a solution, modern workforce management technologies improve the employee experience for these workers as well as operational efficiency by minimizing payroll leakage, managing policies and reducing unplanned overtime costs with real-time notifications to managers.

“By adopting digital workforce management tools, employees can use consumer-grade apps that make their working lives easier and mirror the seamless experiences they enjoy out of work,” Moran says. “Whether that’s booking holiday in a few clicks, accessing shift scheduling on a live dashboard, asking peers ‘how to’ or alerting managers to issues with the touch of a button on their mobile device, employees not only appreciate digitalization, but they also expect it.”

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