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With the cost-of-living crisis raging, more workers are demanding pay increases to combat inflation in addition to flexible working options. Some are even turning to collective action and unionization to have their voices heard. 

While it’s broadly understood that the predominant reason for the strike action is pay, some believe there is more to it. In fact, employees feeling they are not being heard by leadership is at the crux of the issue. 

“The scale of this summer’s strike action is unlike anything we’ve seen before,” says Steve Tonks, SVP – EMEA at WorkForce Software. 

Tonks spoke with Worklife’s Oliver Pickup about the importance of connecting with the deskless workforce to meet their needs – including modern workforce management technologies that can help bridge this gap. 

“More frontline, deskless workers are demanding pay increases to combat inflation — and rightly so — as well as more flexible working options,” Tonks continued. “These employees are the healthcare staff, public safety, factory workers, retail employees, and freight and delivery workers that comprise the essential workforce.” 

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