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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software, talks with BenefitsPRO about the concept of the employee voice (VoE) beyond traditional annual surveys, emphasizing its critical role in driving operational improvements and enhancing employee engagement. With unemployment rates at historic lows and competition for talent intensifying, organizations must leverage comprehensive VoE programs to attract and retain employees while improving operational performance. She highlights the importance of understanding the diverse spectrum of employee experiences and perceptions to inform benefits, policies, and operating procedures effectively.  

Moran underscores the significance of capturing insights from all employees, including frontline and deskless workers, who possess valuable knowledge about operational challenges and opportunities. She advocates for a shift towards proactive and continuous listening strategies that prioritize two-way communication and actionable insights. By embracing this approach, organizations can foster a culture of open dialogue, better understand employee needs, and optimize operations for sustained success. 

“Understanding the spectrum of employee feelings, perceptions, and day-to-day experiences can guide a company’s benefits, policies and operating procedures. Listening isn’t just about attracting new talent. It can also significantly impact retention of existing employees who are already onboarded. Achievers reports that 73% of employees say feeling recognized would inspire them to be more productive, and 64% say it would reduce their desire to change jobs,” says Moran. 

“WorkForce global research shows that 46% of employees prefer to receive training and information on their mobile phones, but only 20% of their employers offer this option. For true 24/7 connectivity with deskless teams, mobile reigns supreme. Meeting frontline employees on their preferred technology platform dramatically improves engagement. That leads to more continuous feedback, allowing organizations to check the pulse of operations through the VoE programs regularly.” 

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