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Digitally skilled workers remain the backbone of UK tech growth, with the British tech sector reaching a combined market value of $1 trillion at the end of last year. However, recent research shows that demand for digitally skilled workers continues to outgrow the level of digital skills available.  

Unfortunately, many tech companies are failing to close this gap due to the continuation of gender-based STEM discrepancies. Even though women account for 39% of the global workforce, they account for only 25% of STEM jobs. Nicole Neumarker, CTO at WorkForce Software educates SheCanCode readers about the gap that remains for women in technical roles in EMEA.  

Neumarker gives thoughtful advice on how employers can do their part to close this gap through supporting early education in the STEM subjects like math and science. She also mentions that employers should recognize those women with great potential and curiosity by giving them the opportunity to enter teams later in their career and utilizing their existing, transferable skills and supporting them with more specific upskilling training. 

“By addressing the needs of women to help them develop crucial STEM skills – by encouraging more women to consider a new career path through increased incentives and access to role models, as well as identifying upskilling opportunities for existing female employees – organizations will reap the many-known benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, one that is equipped for a digital future,” said Neumarker. 

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