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Modern Workforce Scheduling Requires a New Mindset


In this new Ventana Research Viewpoint, Modern Workforce Scheduling Requires a New Mindset, Quincy Valencia, VP and Research Director, discusses the benefits that workforce management platforms are bringing to a range of industries (manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation, municipalities and many more) and how to approach scheduling with the needs and interests of deskless hourly workers in mind.

Today’s workforce management software buyers are increasingly seeking solutions focused on the quality of employee experiences, such as what employees require from scheduling processes and how their lives at work are impacted by them.

Ventana Viewpoint: Modern Workforce Scheduling Requires a New Mindset

This report discusses the pivotal workforce management and employee experience factors influencing the advancement of modern scheduling.

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This report digs into the following areas:

  • Driving Employee Experience – For front-line deskless workers, scheduling flexibility is second only to payroll in HCM processes that drive employee sentiment. Modern scheduling technology supports predictable scheduling, shift-swapping and visibility to promote work/life balance, a feeling of fairness, job satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhancing Manager Productivity – Managers are employees too and advanced scheduling capabilities can improve their experiences by being better prepared to manage their teams. Analytics can surface the best worker for a job as schedules are determined and notifications can inform of missed timeclocks or to approve shift change requests.
  • Scheduling for All – With advanced understanding of labour supply, organisations are more prepared to adapt plans and priorities. Additionally, regional legislation is now requiring scheduling requirements for the entire workforce. Modern workforce management allows for scheduling optimisation at scale.

“A management focus on the employee experience has become highly correlated with the ability to attract and retain top talent, not unlike the benefits of delivering a superior customer experience.”

Quincy Valencia

VP and Research Director, Ventana Research

Effective scheduling is one of a few Human Capital Management activities that addresses core themes many organisations are focused on, including delivering excellent employee experiences, health and well-being, fairness and equity, re-skilling and up-skilling and organisational agility.

Read the full Ventana Viewpoint Modern Workforce Scheduling Requires a New Mindset and learn Valencia’s thoughts on why excelling at workforce scheduling can proactively improve an organisation’s success including employee experience and operational performance.

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