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Navigating Workforce Challenges in Manufacturing: Insights from the 2023 IDC Report

Aug 22, 2023

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If you are a business leader working in manufacturing, one dynamic you surely face daily as you help steer your company forward is the speed of change. Those manufacturers who lead in their market sector know that despite change, you must constantly be striving for the next innovation to create competitive advantage—and that effectively engaging, communicating, and managing your employees is a requirement for achieving and maintaining market leadership. 

The 2023 IDC Tech Spotlight: New Perspectives on Intelligent Workforce Management for the Manufacturing Industry has some invaluable insights that can help you confront change and steer your teams toward success. 

Let’s start with a big issue: the shortage of skilled workers. It’s hitting North America hard, with over 50% of positions remaining unfilled—and a strong indicator of what manufacturers are facing globally. That’s a daunting statistic and a real-world challenge you are likely dealing with daily.

First off, let’s talk about employee experience and productivity. These aren’t just buzzwords; they’re game-changers. A substantial 46% of experts believe that boosting employee experience and productivity is directly tied to business growth. It’s a compelling reason to invest in creating a happier, more productive workforce. 

Technology is your ally here. The report emphasizes the role of hardware, collaboration platforms, and automation technologies in ramping up productivity and improving your deskless workers’ experiences. It’s not just about the gadgets and apps; it’s about empowering teams to do their best work efficiently, when and where they work.  

Now let’s cover the challenges faced by these frontline heroes. High turnover rates, inadequate training, outdated tech—sound familiar? The answer lies in automation. The report suggests providing easy-to-use tools, comprehensive skills training, and a culture of peer support. These are the mechanisms that enable your workforce to tackle challenges with confidence. 

Speaking of challenges, cybersecurity is top of mind for business leaders. Unsecure networks and compromised monitoring can wreak havoc. The solution? Moving services to the cloud. It not only improves security; it also fosters seamless collaboration and better decision-making with your deskless workers. 

The report predicts that companies offering frontline workers easy access to digital collaboration and automation tools could see a 20% boost in revenue by 2024. This isn’t some far-fetched dream; it’s a realistic outcome of smart workforce management. 

So, let’s circle back. The 2023 IDC Technology Spotlight: New Perspectives on Intelligence Workforce Management for the Manufacturing Industry is a helpful guide as you look to transform your manufacturing workforce. It’s time to tackle the skills shortage, boost employee experience, and embrace technological innovation. Dive into the full report for insights that will set your manufacturing team on a path to workforce management excellence.  

The future of work is within your reach. Let’s take this journey together. 

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